10 Things to do while Social Distancing

These last couple of weeks have been a time of uncertainty in our communities, with most of the general public isolating themselves in their homes. If you’re feeling a little stir-crazy, don’t panic- here are 10 things to do at home while social distancing!

  1. Have a Game Night

There’s nothing better than an old fashioned game night! Dust out those board games you have in your closet and challenge your family to a Monopoly show down. If you don’t have those games, don’t worry, there are plenty of apps for that! One of our favorite apps is Heads Up, which is sure to set everyone laughing.

  1. Get your sweat on

Stuck at home doesn’t mean you can’t get a quick work out in; there are tons of online resources available for you to keep in shape. Check out YouTube for literally hundreds of free virtual workouts, or check your monthly gym memberships- gyms like Rumble Boxing, Pure Barre, and even monthly membership app ClassPass are hosting free workouts if you’re a member! If none of these appeal to you, get outside for a good old fashioned walk or run (of course, just remember to practice social distancing and stay 6 feet apart from anyone else on the road).

  1. Read a book

Now is the perfect time to catch up on some reading! Go ahead and crack open a series you’ve never read before, or check out your phone’s book store (Called Books for iPhone and Google Play Books for Android). If you feel like taking the free route, there are several resources to check out. We like Open Library and BookBub.com for some lesser known (but still binge-able) literary works.

  1. Binge a new show

This one is kind of obvious, but there are so many streaming services out now, it’s easy to find a new show to get hooked on. The Office and Parks & Rec are two light hearted, multi-season series to get addicted to, but there are also tons of new movies and documentaries out there. Try a new one today!

  1. Enjoy a movie night

This ideas is similar to number 4, but with a twist- go all out for this movie night! If you’re quarantined with your significant other, light some candles and pop some popcorn, even break out a nice bottle of wine. If you have kids at home, ask them to suggest their favorite flick and tell them you’ll be watching that together! Grab a yummy snack for them during the movie, and make DIY movie stubs to hand out before the screening- maybe implement a “no talking” rule just like the theater.

  1. Have a DIY date night

Go all out for your significant other with this idea. We love making some from scratch pasta (recipe here ) or making pantry meals! Many local restaurants are also offering free delivery, and Uber Eats now has a “No Contact Delivery” option, which can both help with making your date night a little more special. Sanitize all your food containers right after taking them into your home, as this can help prevent the spread of the virus.

  1. Jumpstart your spring cleaning!

Okay, okay, we know- this doesn’t sound like the most enjoyable task, but trust us! You’ll be happy you tackled this chore when you had the time. If you have kids, enlist them in small chores such as organizing their books or toys, which is sure to make them feel included.

  1. Take a nap

Often overlooked in a time of crisis, a short rest can be just what your body needs. If you don’t like to sleep during the day, a short meditation break can be equally beneficial, it’s mainly just about giving your body a rest. If you have small children that still have a designated nap time, try making a pillow fort in the living room and napping with them!

  1. Try a new recipe

It can be a little hard to find a new recipe to try during social distancing, as we’re all trying to visit the grocery store less, but try and make a pantry staples recipe! We love these recipes from Budget Bytes; it details how to freeze staples you might have, as well as some killer recipes when you need to use what you’ve got.

  1. Start a new hobby

This is the perfect time to dedicate to a new hobby. Go ahead and bust out that old paint set or knitting needles, as increased downtime makes for the perfect hobby time! If you’re feeling a little stuck, check social media for some hobby inspo, or visit Brit+Co they’re offering free creative courses through 3/31!