5 Current Steps You Can Take On Your Fertility Journey

We, at Sher Fertility Institute New York, are trying very diligently to optimize patient safety while meeting patient overwhelming desire to get started again with regard to pursuing their goals of family. Therefore, we are now reopen and the week of April 27th when we return, we will be working on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday schedule. After this initial week, we will resume to full-time as normal.  We are also still available for telemedicine appointments.

With the Coronavirus (COVID-19) disrupting daily life and forcing communities to stay home to slow the spread, it can be difficult to keep stress and anxiety in check. For those who are on a fertility journey, it can be even more difficult. Feeling as if you’re unable to make progress on your path to parenthood can be devastating and a particularly difficult situation. Rest assured there are still steps you can take to keep you moving towards achieving your dreams of family.

Below, the team at Sher Fertility Institute New York has five steps that you can take  to prepare you on your fertility journey.

1.  Schedule a Telemedicine Consult

If you choose not to come into the office for your initial consult or follow up visit, you can still have your consult virtually. By doing a telemedicine consult, you can still take that first step (or next step) from the comfort and safety of your home. To schedule a telemedicine consult, contact us at 646-792-7476 today.

2.  Take Steps To Get Healthy

Getting in the best overall health possible is one of the best steps you can take to increasing your chances of achieving your dreams of family. Quit smoking, minimize alcohol intake, eat a healthy diet, and achieve a healthy weight while staying home so that you’re in the best position possible when you’re able to take next steps.

3.  Track Your Cycle

Whether you’re waiting to schedule an HSG, bloodwork, or start a treatment cycle, making sure that you are tracking your cycle (or are on birth control) can help you ensure you are ready to move forward when you are able to.

4.  Get Your Testing Done

While you may not be able to come in for all of your diagnostic testing, there may still be some testing you can get done. Whether that means getting your bloodwork done at an outside lab or obtaining previous results from your OB/GYN, having as much testing complete as possible will help you hit the ground running once you can pursue treatment.

5.   Make Sure Your Finances Are In Order

We know that getting the fertility treatment you need can be expensive, and figuring out how to pay for treatment can be incredibly stressful. To help relieve some of that stress, take some time now to make sure your finances are in order. Contribute as much as you can to your savings (not being able to go out can have some positive effects on your spending habits!) and take some time to review your credit report. If you need financing for treatment like IVF, a better credit score can get you a better rate. Make sure your credit report is accurate and use free tools like Credit Karma to find out what you can do to improve your score.

There is plenty you can do to make progress on your path to parenthood. To learn more about what you can do, or to schedule an inhouse appointment or  telemedicine consultation, contact  Sher Fertility Institute New York at 646-792-7476 or click here to schedule an appointment.