Anabolic Steroids

“Do anabolic steroids help fertility?”

It is a myth that if a man uses anabolic steroids, the synthetic hormone will improve fertility. In fact, it does just the opposite.

Anabolic steroids and any external sources of testosterone (intramuscular or transcutaneous) will exert a negative feedback at the level of the pituitary gland located in the brain, shutting down the hormones that stimulate sperm production (FSH and LH). This results in impaired or totally suppressed sperm counts.  There has been recently an increase in the use of these products, both by men that like the gym and body-building, as well as more prescriptions given by practitioners due to “low levels of testosterone”. Again, while men will feel better overall, and with increased libido, their sperm production will suffer.

But, fortunately, most men (but not all) who stop taking anabolic steroids and testosterone will see a gradual return to normal over several months.

Think about the fertility motto:  “Live clean, stay cool”.  Avoid heat and stay away from steroids and other recreational drugs.

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