Cyclical Estrogen Therapy Prior to Embryo Transfer, in Post-Menopausal Women and those with Prolonged Hypothalamic Amenorrhea, Can Reduce the Chance of Failed IVF and Miscarriage.

Hypothalamic Amenorrhea

An absence of menstruation (amenorrhea) in reproductive age women is usually due to an absence of ovulation (anovulation). If this becomes prolonged, then these women are at risk for the… Read more »

Ways Stress Can Affect Fertility

From a physician’s point of view, it is tough to quantify the degree that stress – or know what type of stress – can affect our fertility.

Fertility Options – A Personal Journey

Many couples today are unsure as to the options available to them when they are starting to work with fertility methods.  

IVF – Emotions Behind The Journey

There’s no doubt that after the diagnosis of infertility kicks in, there are many emotions. There are resources available to help you through your journey starting from the moment you are diagnosed.