Breast Cancer and Fertility Rescue

How well does fertility rescue work?
Live-birth statistics with this method are promising. The once large disparity between the success of embryo and egg freezing has narrowed, and they are similar in their outcomes. For every chromosomally normal egg we freeze, the chance of the woman later having a baby with this egg is over 35 percent.

How long will you keep frozen eggs?
We hold on to them until you’re ready to use them – and there is no charge for cancer patients.

Why do you do that for cancer patients?
It’s just the right thing to do! A lot of women are looking for the string, but for us there is no strings attached.

If you have cancer when should you have your eggs frozen?
It is something women should strongly consider, as post-treatment for cancer, some women many not have the option to have children.

How soon after diagnosis should women freeze their eggs?
For many women there is a race against time, as their oncologists want to begin treatment as soon as possible. As soon as you’re diagnosed, we urge you to contact us immediately.

Do you need to postpone cancer treatment for fertility rescue?
While it is important to get your cancer treated as soon as possible, there’s no reason for oncologists, or patients, not to think of both treatment and fertility rescue.

Can patients be too young to egg freezing?
If you’re facing cancer treatment, then age obviously has no factor in your decision. In that situation, fertility rescue gives you options later in life that you should give yourself the option to explore when you’re ready.

Are frozen eggs guaranteed to work later after treatment?
There are no guarantees; however we do everything possible to present your options up front with techniques such as genetic testing (CGH) and to preserve your eggs with fast freezing (vitrification).

How does fast freezing help?
The big barrier to egg-freezing technology was the poor survival rate upon thawing the egg. Vitrification allows 98 percent of the eggs we thaw to survive.

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