Category: Infertility

IVF – Emotions Behind The Journey

There’s no doubt that after the diagnosis of infertility kicks in, there are many emotions. There are resources available to help you through your journey starting from the moment you are diagnosed.

Go Ahead…Make That First Fertility Visit!

Visiting a fertility specialist (also known as a Reproductive Endocrinologist or RE) for the first time can be a time of mixed emotions ranging from being nervous to being excited and many patients wonder what to expect during their first visit. 

Infertility During A Pandemic

During the time of a pandemic we need to balance the right to reproductive care, with what is best for public health. 

Veterans: IVF Treatments

Sher Fertility Institute New York has seen many veterans suffering from infertility, and a lot of it clearly emanates from the wounds, both physical and psychological, that were inflicted upon them during their service.

Signs of Infertility

Has it been difficult for you and your partner to get pregnant? Wondering if you or your partner might be infertile?

Sher Fertility Institute New York Welcomes Samantha Meserati, Ultrasonographer

We are proud to announce a valuable addition to our clinical team, Samantha Meserati, as our new Ultrasonographer. Samantha has been working in the field of Ultrasonography
for close to a decade. Her experience and caring nature, makes Samantha a great fit for our team and our patients.

15th Anniversary Special

We want to say “Thank You” for 15 great years of service to NYC and looking forward to treating patients for many years at our New York fertility center.