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IVF – Emotions Behind The Journey

There’s no doubt that after the diagnosis of infertility kicks in, there are many emotions. There are resources available to help you through your journey starting from the moment you are diagnosed.

The 411 on IVF

The reproductive specialists at Sher Fertility Institute New York in Manhattan discuss everything you need to know about in vitro fertilization (IVF).

Emotional Support on Your IVF Journey

There’s no doubt that after the diagnosis of infertility kicks in, one of the most difficult parts is processing the news and dealing with the emotional anguish.

Why Didn’t My IVF Cycle Work?

Given the time, emotion and money that go into an individual IVF cycle, I would love to be able to guarantee that it will result in a successful pregnancy for all of my patients at Sher Fertility Institute New York, but unfortunately this is not the case.

Go  Love  Yourself:  Self-Care  and  IVF 

Going  through  fertility  treatments  takes  up  a  lot  of  time  in  your  life.  Multiple  doctor  visits  per  week,  injections,  permanent  bruises  on  your  arms  from  all  the  blood  tests,  nausea,  hot  flashes…  It’s  important  you  remember  to  take  care  of  yourself.

How to Stay Connected to Your Partner When IVF Makes You Feel Crazy

Receiving  a  diagnosis  of  infertility  can  be  a  painful  time  for  couples  and  the  stress  of  fertility  treatment  can  test  even  the  strongest  bonds…    And,  luckily,  you  have  the  support of Sergio Oehninger, MD, PhD of Sher Fertility Institute New York who  will  be  here  for  you  every  step  of  the  way. 

+++++++++++12 Tips for IVF

Going through IVF can be a challenging and nerve-racking life experience. It affects virtually every aspect of your life from your health to your work and relationships.

IVF and TTC Summer Reading List 

It’s  officially  summer!    For  so  many  of  us  that  means  longer  days,  dining  al  fresco,  lightening  bugs  and  VACAY.    As  we  take  long  weekends  or  get  out  of  town  for  an  extended  break,  relaxing  on  a  beach  or  by  the  pool  with  a  cool  drink  and  a  great  book  stirs  up  images  of  the  perfect  summer  scenario.