Don’t Delay Fertility Treatments

Are you and your partner worried about seeking help for infertility? The experts at Sher Fertility Institute New York in Manhattan discuss why it’s important not to delay fertility treatments any longer and seek the help you need immediately.

  • Age is a fertility factor for men and women. The older you are, the more fertility issues are likely to arise. So, don’t delay, you will never be more fertile than you are today!
  • Fertility testing takes time. Our infertility doctors won’t know what the issue is until testing has been completed. The longer you wait to start testing, the longer treatment will be delayed.
  • To get pregnant, treatments needs to be timed correctly. Just because you see a fertility doctor today, doesn’t mean you will start treatment right away. Different treatments may require you to be at a certain point in your cycle. Getting a consultation now can help you time fertility treatments for your next cycle.
  • Infertility treatments take time. While it is possible that you and your partner can conceive on your very first round of treatment, it is not guaranteed. Delaying fertility treatment makes that wait longer. The earlier you start, the earlier you will be able to bring home baby.
  • Costs can be higher the longer you delay seeking fertility treatments because more advanced treatment options may be required. Less-invasive (and less expensive) options work best for younger couples with fewer fertility problems.
  • If you and your partner know you would like to grow your family in the future, but not right now, we also have options to help. Freezing eggs, sperm, or embryo can help you preserve your fertility today for use in the future.

Don’t delay fertility assistance another moment! Get in touch with some of the best fertility doctors today at Sher Fertility Institute New York in Manhattan to schedule a consultation.