Egg Freezing for Cancer Patients

Cancer, in and of itself, is a devastating diagnosis. For those patients who are in their reproductive prime, it can be hard to hear that some cancer treatments may also cause infertility. The reproductive specialists at Sher Fertility Institute New York in Manhattan understand the struggle and are here to help.

If your cancer treatment plan includes radiation or chemotherapy, it may have a negative impact on fertility. But all hope is not lost. Women have the option to preserve their fertility through egg freezing in order to grow their families after successful treatment has been completed. Egg freezing fertility preservation must occur rapidly, so as not to delay life-saving cancer treatments.

A cancer diagnosis brings along physical, emotional, and financial stress. We don’t want the thought of future infertility to add to that stress. In order to lighten the burden on cancer patients, Sher Fertility Institute accepts most insurance plans, in order to help ease the cost of fertility preservation. The new mandate in New York requires all insurance plans to cover egg freezing procedures for medically necessary procedures, such as chemotherapy.

Egg freezing is the best option to start you family after urgent medical procedures, with high success rates. To learn more, schedule a consultation with one of our doctors in Manhattan today!