Ever-growing Advancements at Sher Fertility Institute New York

In the last two decades we have witnessed an explosion in the clinical success of assisted reproductive technologies (ART).  This includes IVF and the exciting newly developed options that have followed its inception. The Sher Fertility Institute, NY, has been an active and prolific player since ART inception and we are now reporting on the completion of ART cycles that have resulted in live births (SART Information For Sher Fertility Institute New York).  We are thrilled with our ever-growing clinical success, always taking place in a friendly environment where the infertile couple can undergo diagnosis and treatment in a personalized manner and with cutting edge, state-of-the-art- techniques.

There is no doubt that, thanks to the comprehension of Ob/Gyns, infertility specialists (REIs) and the inquisitiveness of the public in general, more and more couples arrive at the IVF scenario earlier and in increasing numbers. But more needs to be done. It is critical that we make sure that women that are trying to conceive and are not successful in the first 6-12 months (depending on age), immediately consult or are referred to an REI specialist. This is important because of the sometimes-unrealized effect of time on the “biological clock”. Diagnostic steps should not procrastinate, and generally in a one-month period all workup can and should be completed, and treatment could start early on, as appropriate to the individual circumstances. While there are low complexity options that can be successful (such as ovulation induction, IUI) IVF is, by far, the best therapeutic option as it gives the highest success rates per cycle of treatment. The caveat is that success (i.e, achievement of a live birth) depends primarily upon the status of the ovarian reserve and the robust negative impact of advancing age.

As a spin-off from IVF, embryo freezing and egg freezing -through the novel technique of vitrification- have been validated in terms of cost-efficiency and determined to be safe and successful. This has led to the concept of fertility preservation, a new development within the ART armamentarium that focuses, on one hand, on helping reproductive-age women and men who are about to undergo cancer treatment understand their risks of infertility and possible treatment options.  IVF with egg or embryo freezing is the recommended therapy at this point for these situations in females, whereas banking of sperm is indicated for males, prior to implementation of oncological therapies. On the other hand, it also applies to healthy women who wish to delay child-bearing. The demand for this option will certainly continue to increase, and egg freezing offers a “stop” to the ticking of the ovarian clock while maintaining fertility potential.

Finally, the possibility to accurately diagnose genetic and chromosomal disease in the embryo is a reality (PGD and PGS), as is embryo-egg banking for future use. Within this thrilling scenario, our efforts continue to be geared to introduce further scientific and technological advances while resting on a scientifically solid and ethical foundation dedicated to serving society as a whole.

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