Get To Know Dr. Dicken

As a true champion of women’s health, Dr. Dicken is the Associate Medical Director here at Sher Fertility Institute New York . She came to us from Columbia University Center for Women’s Reproductive Care. She is known for her extreme attention to detail, her in-depth knowledge of reproductive medicine and her lightning-quick responsiveness to questions and concerns. She is known by her patients as being caring and compassionate. Dr. Dicken’s outstanding results are matched by her ability to foster excellent relationships with her patients.

Q & A with Dr. Dicken

What do you like most about what you do?  What I really liked most about my job is helping couples fulfill their dreams of having a baby.  When someone walks into my office, each experience is different and each person has a certain hope of what their future will hold.  I love helping them achieve this vision.

In practice, what are you most proud of?  I am definitely most proud of my willingness to work together with a couple so they feel we are truly working towards success as a team.  There are many factors that go into making a successful journey to parenthood and I welcome the opportunity to involve a couple so they feel the outcome is one in which they have a vital part.

Why did you choose to work in the field of reproductive medicine?  I chose the field of reproductive medicine because  I think it’s the most interesting and rewarding field in medicine.  Where else can you help a couple achieve their dream of having a baby and work with them each and every step of the way?

What do you consider your special areas of interest in reproductive medicine and why?   My special area that I am most interested in (and often frustrated by) is recurrent implantation failure as well as the impact of endometriosis on infertility.  Often the two go hand in hand.

What is your approach to medicine?  My approach to medicine is simple in that I start with the basics and don’t look for “zebras” right off the bat.  I provide couples with information, my recommendations, and then we come up with a plan as a team.  Again, to me it is very important to include the couple so that we all work as together towards achieving success.

Share something unique people don’t know about you. Something special and unique to me is that I love roller coasters and amusement parks.  The thrill and excitement and overall fun is something that I truly love.

 What do you do for fun in your spare time? What are your hobbies?  In my time outside Sher Fertility Institute New York,  I have deep fondness for the theater and Broadway musicals.  I recently discovered that I relish cooking and baking when I have time.  Most of my spare time is spent with family – my husband and two young children who are my every day inspiration.

If you are interested in speaking to Dr. Dicken about your own fertility journey, please call us at (646) 792-7476.