How Infertile Men Can Cope on Father’s Day

For men experiencing fertility struggles, Father’s Day might not be the most anticipated holiday of the year. Although many men suffer from infertility, it is not talked about as often as female infertility. The reproductive specialists at Sher Fertility Institute New York understand the stress you may be going through and share tips to cope during this year’s Father’s Day weekend.

  • Speak to someone. If you have feelings of depression or anger, it’s important to talk to a professional. It’s common for men to feel sad or upset during Father’s Day festivities if they struggle to conceive a family of their own, but a support group or therapist can help you vent and let out those feelings. Find a support group here.
  • Take care. Be sure to keep yourself and your partner your priority. Cook healthy meals together, exercise together and most importantly laugh together. You both may be going through the same feelings, but it is important to stay healthy especially if you are going through fertility treatments. Learn how a healthy lifestyle can affect your fertility.
  • Make plans. Take the day and do something fun with your partner or guy friends who don’t have kids. It will be best to avoid places that children will be celebrating with their dads, and stay off social media. Go golfing, take a road trip, get a couple’s massage, or any other hobby you enjoy. Find more ideas on how to escape the weekend festivities.
  • Get help. If you and your partner have been unsuccessful in getting pregnant after six months to a year, seek out a fertility doctor. The physicians at Sher Fertility Institute New York in Manhattan invite you to schedule a fertility consultation to learn about treatment plan options available to you.