How to Stay Positive During Rough Times

It’s no secret that times are tougher than normal in the world today. With so much uncertainty swirling about, one of the best things you can do it to stay positive. We know, we know- it’s easier said than done. Life isn’t always happy go-lucky, but practicing these tips from Sher Fertility Institute New York can go a long way to improve your day to day mood.

  1. Keep Your Thoughts Positive

Obviously this can be hard to implement, but keeping your mind and thoughts positive can drastically impact what kind of day you have. Keeping happy thoughts, or maintaining mental toughness, is different than being happy. Positivity and optimism are all about balance, accepting the good and the bad. For example, instead of thinking “There are so many people sick right now”, you can replace that thought with “I’m so thankful we have brave healthcare workers to help the sick”. Try this today and you will change your outlook for the better.

  1. Make Sure to Help Others

Most everyone is struggling during this pandemic, and your help can go a long way. While you cannot physically get up and help others, there are still many ways to do so from your own home. Love a local restaurant? Place a pickup or to-go order to help that local business. Ordering groceries via Insta Cart or another app? Make sure to tip your delivery person well, as this helps keep them going. Many local food banks need your help more than ever; if you can, consider making a donation to an organization that helps the hungry. All these small acts go a long way to both help those around you, as well as keeping yourself mentally strong.

  1. Reach Out to Loved Ones

I cannot stress how important it is to keep in touch with those you love during this time. As being there physically is not available to most of us, using apps like Facetime or House Party are the next best thing. Schedule a call with your mom this week, or plan a virtual happy hour via Zoom! Seeing your loved ones’ faces will not only lift your spirits, but also feel like a social event, which does wonders in times of hardship. Another reason to love this tip? You’re not only brightening your own life- your friends and family will feel better, too!

  1. Think About the Future

Life is at a bit of a standstill right now, but this too shall pass. To stay positive, remind yourself that this may be the new normal, but it is not how we will be forever. In a year or two, most societies will bounce back from this stronger, and more ready to fight a future pandemic. Many restaurants and businesses will be operating as normal, and you will be able to attend that barbecue/baby shower/wedding you had to miss in 2020. Start daydreaming about a vacation you want to plan, or make longer term goals for 2021- it’s never too early to plan.

  1. Make Changes Within Your Control

The world seems uncertain right now, and it’s easy to feel like you’re spinning out of control. To fight that, make changes to the things you can control. If you’re feeling stuck at home, schedule a walk every day after work, or start taking an online workout class. Feeling claustrophobic in your home? Make some small decorating changes, like rearranging the furniture or taking on a DIY project. If you have children, plan a scavenger hunt around the house, or take them on an I-Spy walk: go around your neighborhood and pick things they haven’t seen before, and give them hints until they find it.

All in all, the world events can feel scary and overwhelming. Practicing these simple steps will go a long way to keep yourself, and those around you, in a more positive, less anxious state.

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