I Want To Start/Continue My Fertility Treatments during COVID-19, What Are My Choices?

So you are anxious to get back to actively pursuing your fertility goals but are nervous due to COVID-19. This is a very normal feeling during this unchartered time in fertility.  According to ASRM’s (American Society for Reproductive Medicine) article entitled Patient Management and Clinical Recommendations During The Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic, “Infertility is a serious disease that requires treatment in a timely manner. With the passage of time, an increasing number of patients whose care has been delayed are now in a situation that has become more urgent.”

At Sher Fertility Institute New York, we have reopened on April 27th and are giving our patients the options to come in-house or continue telemedicine if they choose.  We are trying very diligently to optimize patient safety while meeting patient overwhelming desire to get started again with regard to pursuing their goals of family. We want them to be comfortable in their decision to either start fertility consulting or continue on their path that was originally initiated.

At Sher Fertility Institute New York, we understand that each patient is unique. Everything we do is customized to you and your specific needs.  Sher Fertility Institute New York’s cutting-edge protocols, unique IVF package plans and outstanding success rates complete the picture as to why we are the logical choice for you to reach your dream of having a baby. We understand that you are ready to begin or continue what you previously started and not sure what your options.  We welcome the opportunity to talk to you in-person or via telemedicine.  Infertility can be stressful enough so we strive to do whatever makes you feel the most comfortable.

We continuously update our website and social media to keep you informed on any changes due to COVID-19 and there is updated information from ASRM that you can follow as well under COVID-19 Updates and Resources.

It is our honor to support you on your journey towards parenthood.  If you want to discuss this in further detail with any of our fertility experts or have any questions you would like to ask and would like a consultation, contact Sher Fertility Institute New York at 646-792-7476 or click here to schedule an appointment.