Infertility and the Holidays

This year, we want to help you make this month the December to remember. But navigating the holidays while struggling with infertility is not an easy feat. Our tip? Put yourself first. If you’re like us that can be hard to do… But we got you! Cary L. Dicken, MD at Sher Fertility Institute New York in New York, NY shares 25 tips on how to #treatyourself to help deal with infertility and the holidays.

  1. Sign up for that class you’ve been dying to take
  2. Treat yourself to a sweet holiday treat (in moderation of course)
  3. Buy a new red lipstick
  4. Throw yourself a party with all your favorite people, favorite music, and favorite food (don’t feel like seeing anyone? Party for one!)
  5. Take naps
  6. Invest in skincare (we love The Ordinary)
  7. Turnoff your phone and read a book you want to read (hello Nine Perfect Strangers!)
  8. Go to a cycling class
  9. Book a night at a hotel (breakfast in bed, anyone?)
  10. Order a fancy latte
  11. Make a vision board
  12. Get yourself flowers
  13. Look yourself in the mirror and say I love you
  14. Cook a big meal
  15. Listen to a podcast
  16. Make your bed, light a candle, spritz your pillow with lavender spray, get back in it and binge Netflix.
  17. Treat yourself to a pedicure
  18. Hit the mat, yoga mat that is
  19. Set up positive quote calendar alerts (try the Lift app)
  20. Write yourself a love letter
  21. Make yourself a cocktail (cycling? Try this Mocktail recipe)
  22. Jot down a list of things that bring you joy
  23. Get a blowout
  24. Upgrade your winter boots with sheepskin insoles
  25. Give yourself permission to say no

Don’t be a scrooge this holiday season. Take time for yourself!

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