Infertility In Males

Male infertility issues are responsible for about one-third of infertility problems among couples we see at our Manhattan fertility clinc. Male infertility can range from a decrease in sperm production to a physical blockage that prevents sperm from reaching its destination. A few of the most common issues responsible for male infertility are listed below:

  • Infection and Environmental factors (acute and/or chronic infections of the prostate or testicle environmental toxins, drugs, tobacco, alcohol, etc.)
  • Surgery or vasectomy
  • Genetic disorders
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Anatomic issues (blockages, varicoceles, tumors)
  • Direct injury (testicular or pelvic trauma, heat, irradiation, etc.)

If you think that you’re struggling with male infertility, the team at Sher Fertility Solutions New York can help. Contact our specialists today for an appointment at our Midtown Manhattan fertility center!