Look to the Hope of the Future

With stay-at-home orders in place across most of the country, life is suddenly very different for many of us:  slower, quieter, and calmer.  If starting or continuing a fertility treatment is part of your post-COVID-19 plan, NOW is the perfect time to begin focusing on what you can do to get your body ready.

Change your Focus – concentrate on improving this new (temporary) reality that we are living through.  While being diligent in practicing the recommended guidelines for staying healthy and social distancing, don’t let the numbers, the outlook, or “the curve” be your main focus.  Instead, focus on the things that will help your body prepare for pregnancy.

Change your Habits – now that you have an abundance of time at home, use it to exchange some of those bad habits for good ones by creating a stress free environment, eating healthy, getting plenty of sleep, and staying active.  Here are just a few ideas to get you started…

  • Turn the TV OFF! You can be well-informed without absorbing the news cycles 24/7.  Replace it with going for a walk (minding your COVID-19 etiquette) or getting outside and being active in your yard; get plenty of exercise.
  • Limit social media intake of COVID-19 related topics and discussions. Replace it with calling up a friend and chatting or sit down and write an old-fashioned letter to someone you can’t visit right now.
  • Let’s face it, our lives have been de-scheduled for us, so don’t try to maintain the rat-race at home. Replace it with less stressful activities like yoga, reading, or dust off some of those old hobbies and do something you really enjoy; the key is to slow down and de-stress your life.
  • Don’t turn to chips, cookies, or candy in the pantry for comfort or out of boredom. Replace those urges by keeping yourself engaged in activities and make healthier choices for your snacks.
  • We all know that eating out all the time is not healthy for our bodies or our wallets. Repurpose the money you would spend on eating out and instead purchase extra groceries, experiment with new recipes or dust off some family favorites; most importantly, replace takeout with fresh, home-cooked meals.

Change your Outcome – life as we have known it for more than two generations has been entirely disrupted on a global scale.  However, with this profound change, comes immense opportunity, the opportunity to make key lifestyle changes which directly affect the hope of your future.  You will emerge on the other side of “the curve” with a healthier, happier state of mind, ready to start or continue your fertility journey.

The fertility doctors in Manhattan at Sher Fertility Institute New York are available to answer questions and keep you informed.  Contact Sher Fertility Institute New York in Manhattan if you have any pregnancy questions during the COVID-19 pandemic.