New Year’s resolutions: how to maximize my chances to have a baby

Trying to have a baby can be easy for some couples, but for others it can become a stressful situation.

New Year’s resolutions: how to maximize my chances to have a baby:

  • Subjecting you and your partner to multiple tests and therapies without immediate success can lead to frustration. Avoid anger and resentment and try to keep a positive attitude!!
  • Engage your husband in the process and talk about it, and quickly investigate what next avenues to pursue. Keep in mind a very important statistical fact: 2/3 of couples seeing a reproductive medicine specialist will eventually fulfill their dreams. Be patient, but perseverant at the same time.
  • What should I expect from my doctor: understand that you need to plan one step at a time but knowing that there are multiple options available during this often times bumpy journey. Presence of female and male factors should be sought, addressed, and optimal therapies discussed as they can differ for each couple. IUI, IVF, ICSI and PGS can be utilized as appropriate; consider fertility preservation given your individual scenario.
  • What can I do:  be aware of risk factors for infertility and the impact of delaying fertility: fertility decreases with age.  Assess your ovarian reserve. Consider egg donation if the ovarian reserve is deteriorated, as donor eggs yield excellent results. Modify poor personal habits if needed: develop a healthier life-style. Stop smoking, stop alcohol intake, avoid excessive caffeine, exercise moderately, and switch your dietary habits as appropriate. A reasonable recommendation of diet and supplements consists of a healthy Mediterranean diet with fruits (especially berries), and vegetables (especially cooked), low red meat intake and no trans-fats (doughnuts, French pastries, or fried foods). Olive oil, avocados and nuts are good. You can add supplements such as omega 3 fatty acids (EPAS/DHA), and vitamins (folic acid, vitamin C and E -anti-oxidants).

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