Providing IVF to our Military

As a nation we owe our very existence to the men and women of our armed forces who are willing to lay their lives down for us.

The recent problems that have come to light regarding the care of our veterans at the Veterans Administration hospitals are certainly upsetting to hear.

We can and must do better for them.

Being a fertility specialist, I have seen many veterans suffering from infertility, and a lot of it clearly emanates from the wounds, both physical and psychological, that were inflicted upon them during their service.

Unfortunately, as it currently stands, military personnel do not get insurance coverage for any advanced reproductive technologies.  Their medications might be covered, and if they can get to a military training hospital some treatments might be offered free, but the sad truth is that most active personnel and veterans will not be able to pay for the fertility treatments they need to complete their families.

Despite valiant efforts by some Congress members, bills that have been introduced to give these veterans coverage have failed to pass, and often with no clear reasons.

At the Sher Institute, we have been offering significant financial discounts to military personnel for over 10 years.  We were also proud to voluntarily join the recent “Serving Our Veterans” Program under which participating clinics are offering discounts to injured veterans in need of IVF services in response to the inability of Congress to pass legislation to provide this care.  (You can access information about this program, including a list of participating clinics, here.)

These charitable efforts are a great help in redressing this tragic failure of our government to honor and help our military…..but on the national level we need to step up and make things right.

– Drew Tortoriello, MD

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