April brings with it longer and brighter days.  We feel recharged as the sun shines and we shake off winter slumps.  It’s spring and the perfect time to throw yourself into the #HaveAHeart campaign supporting the 1-in-8 couples that struggle with infertility. These couples often suffer in silence or feel quite alone in their infertility journey.

Sher Fertility Institute New York is on a mission to change this. Every day, we strive to inspire greater empathy for those struggling with infertility.  For many of us, it hits close to home. We have witnessed friends and family face this pain…we’ve also experienced our own hardships while trying to conceive. It takes an emotional toll.

So what can you do to show support and spread awareness this month? 

Social media is always a great place to start. It’s easy to show you #HaveAHeart on Facebook. Click HERE to add the iconic orange heart filter to your profile picture. And here’s a bonus…once you download the image, share to Instagram.  Our goal is to get as many people as possible to help raise awareness, so please share this fun tidbit with friends, family and anyone you can! Be sure to include the #HaveAHeart hashtag on your post.

Another great way to bring awareness as a community is to lace up your sneakers and walk!  RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association, hosts Walks of Hope all over the country to remind us that no one struggling with infertility should walk alone…by taking small steps filled with hope we can encourage and support each other through this journey. Click HERE to find a walk in your area.

If you’re unable to make a scheduled walk, host your own! There are so many people coming together to host fundraising events and walks within their communities – get out there and meet people who share in this common cause…and don’t forget to wear your orange.

As we look for ways to come together and show support to those struggling with infertility, there are quite a few options. Holding each other up and keeping the infertility conversation evolving is just a jumping off point. Come together and show you #HaveAHeart.

Contact Sher Fertility Institute New York at 646-792-7476 or click here to schedule an appointment with one of our fertility doctors. Our Patient Care Specialists will contact you within the next 24 hours.