Tips for Traveling with Fertility Medications this Summer

Undergoing fertility treatments shouldn’t mean you are stuck at home waiting for a positive pregnancy test. Take this child-free time to enjoy a trip to somewhere new. Before jetting off for vacation, the experts at Sher Fertility Institute New York in Manhattan share tips for traveling safely with infertility medications.

  1. Double check your schedule. See when you have appointments scheduled that should not be moved and note approximate ovulation dates; be sure to book your trip around those dates. Call your fertility team if you have any questions about when it’s a safe time to take a vacation.
  2. If you are flying, get a doctor’s note. Ensure that your physician provides a letter noting any fertility medications you will be bringing on board. You can call the airline ahead of time to double check that everything will go smoothly on embarkation day.
  3. Pack accordingly. If you have medications that need to be kept cool, safely pack them in a small cooler with ice packs. The last thing you want is to arrive with medications that need to be tossed due to improper storing. It’s also best to pack your medications in your carry-on so they never leave your sight and don’t have the chance of being in a lost piece of luggage.
  4. Learn about your destination. Find a pharmacy, hospital, and fertility clinic near your travel destination in case an emergency arises. Save their phone numbers and addresses in your phone and share them with your doctor. You can also ask your fertility specialist if they have any recommendations in the area.
  5. Stay on track. Keep in mind any time changes and create alarms in your phone to remind you to take your fertility medications on time, or as close to your regularly scheduled medication times as possible.

Taking a break from your everyday routine will be a fun distraction. Just remember these tips and your trip will be stress-free! For more information on fertility treatments or medications, contact Sher Fertility Institute New York in Manhattan.