Vacationing During Fertility Treatments

When you’re setting out on your family building journey, your thoughts and conversations can seem like they constantly revolve around appointments, ultrasounds, and blood tests. Whether you’ve pre-planned a vacation long in advance or have decided to vacation as a retreat from the stress of fertility treatments, taking time out of your normal routine can be greatly beneficial for you and your partner. While treatments such as IUI and IVF center around the timing of your cycle, it is still possible to get away during this period. With a little extra care and planning, you’ll be on your way to vacation bliss in no time. Here, the experts at SHER Fertility Institute New York City provide tips to help your trip go as smooth as possible:

Talk to your Doctor and Discuss Timing

  • It is very important that you discuss your travel plans with your fertility doctor in detail prior to leaving. Monitoring and timing are essential for the success of your treatment cycle. Remember: a travel plan is crucial!
  • Speak with your doctor about a list of recommended clinics or doctors near your vacation destination. In the event that you need help with supplies, medication or monitoring you will want to have backup information handy.
  • When it comes to medication- ask for a detailed, written letter outlining the medication you will need to take and how it should be administered.
  • If you are traveling to a different time zone, you may need to adjust the time you administer the medicine. Discuss this schedule with your fertility doctor.

Prep Your Fertility Treatment Meds

 Often times you will order your medicine only a few days before you need to begin administering it. This is because some fertility medications have a very short shelf life. If you have not received your medication before your trip, determine what safe address it can be delivered to while you are on vacation. Alert the hotel that you are expecting a temperature sensitive package.

  • If you are flying with your medication, make sure to review the Travel and Safety Administration’s policies on traveling with medications and syringes.
  • Most medication needs to be kept cool. Travel with frozen cooler packs. If you are flying, ensure the packs are not thawed before going through security, as TSA will not allow partially thawed packs.

Be Prepared

 Headed to a tropical climate for some R&R? Check with your SHER fertility specialists before getting any vaccines, since there are certain vaccinations not recommended for fertility patients or pregnant women. Likewise, check the CDC’s website regarding the possibility of ZIKA and how to stay safe.

  • Pack extra supplies, just in case. You don’t want to find yourself out of needle tips, alcohol wipes or band-aids.
  • Don’t forget your sharps container!

Infertility does not have to take control of your life. Taking a vacation while undergoing treatment can help to reduce stress and anxiety while allowing you to reconnect with your partner or friends. We wish you safe travels and hope to hear all about your vacation when we see you back in our New York fertility center!

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