Why Choose Sher Fertility Institute New York

Are you seeking fertility care in New York City? With so many fertility centers in the area, we want to share what makes our boutique unique. Learn why so many patients choose Sher Fertility Institute New York.

Our long-standing fertility center has been one of the leading centers in New York City for over 15 years. Our continued success keeps patients coming back and recommending us to friends and family.

One of our unique features that helps patients succeed is our dependable fertility team that stays with you during your entire journey. You will see the same physician at every appointment. Additionally, our clinic care team of fertility specialists are available to patients 24/7.

Sher Fertility Institute New York is an independently owned freestanding center that is part of a larger network of fertility clinics.  To help you afford treatment, we do accept insurance and offer financial guidance and payment plans.

Our experienced doctors are all fantastic! Dr. Tortoriello has great success with patients, especially those over age 38 and those who haven’t had success elsewhere. If you are in search of a female reproductive endocrinologist, Dr. Dicken comes highly recommended by former patients. Our Spanish-speaking reproductive endocrinologist, Dr. Oehninger, has over 30 years of experience!

Our fertility experts know that your time is valuable, whether you live in the city or are visiting from afar in order to take advantage of our advanced fertility treatment options, we keep patients on a structured schedule in order to minimize any delays and inconveniences for you. For patients who are visiting from out of town, our physicians keep in touch with your local OBGYN team in order to minimize your time on site to 8-10 days.

We are also proud to announce that, effective in 2018, Sher Fertility Institute New York became a Center of Excellence with United/Optum.  Only medical centers with proven experience and statistically successful track records are able to be included in the Centers of Excellence networks.  For our patients, this means a team of recognized, dedicated, and caring professionals are here to guide you in your fertility journey.

Sher Fertility Institute’s cutting-edge protocols, unique IVF treatment plans, and outstanding success rates make our clinic the logical choice for you to reach your dream of having a baby. Come visit our freestanding boutique-like center for your fertility consultation!