Why is Sher Fertility Institute Different?

I have been fortunate to work as a fertility specialist for nearly 20 years with many wonderful physicians in several different facilities. All of them have their strengths and weaknesses …. no one doctor, system, or center is perfect. But as you make your way through these various chapters in your life, you can learn what seems to work the best …. what seems to give patients their best outcomes within an environment that gives them their best experience.

The magic formula is the one that provides the right blending of technical skill and human compassion. Like many centers, at SIRM we offer cutting edge technology, an adroit laboratory staff, and highly trained medical personnel.

Human compassion cannot be purchased…you either have it or not…and if you have it but don’t have a system around you that allows you to express it, then you are still struggling to do right by your patients. I am fortunate to work with very compassionate colleagues in a system that I believe allows us to demonstrate it.

We try very hard at SIRM to give patients the time they need to understand what our expectations are, as well as the plan we put into effect to help them reach their goal to conceive.

Unlike many large centers, we do not have a frenzied rush in which nearly all patients in cycle get assessed over the course of 2 to 3 hours in the early morning….instead we see patients at various times throughout the day with their input as to when it might be best for them to come in and be seen. Unlike many large centers, we do not have a “doctor of the day” in which one doctor, maybe not “your” doctor, sees all patients who get sonograms, or egg retrievals, or embryo transfers, on that particular day. We see our own patients every day of the week, and stick with them throughout the whole treatment process (whether they like it or not !)

Also unlike many large centers, we utilize e-mail daily and to a large extent…therefore little questions that often would remain unasked and unanswered are tackled easily and quickly. Our nurses and medical assistants all do the same.

In short, at SIRM, we are accessible.

We are fortunate to have a growing practice, and I think to a large degree, that stems from the fact that people know we care and we try to show it. As things grow, there will always be growing pains, but we are dedicated to constantly paving the road that lies in front of us so those that come to us for assistance will hopefully find a smooth path to their goal.

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